Mission County Park Trail Head

Saturday, June 19, 2021


Enjoy a day on the water at the Mission Reach Flotilla Fiesta! In partnership with the San Antonio River Authority, the San Antonio River Foundation invites you to participate on Saturday, June 19th, at Mission County Park Trailhead. This Official Fiesta event allows attendees to paddle the San Antonio River with FREE kayaks provided by Mission Kayak.

This community-centric event is designed to bring awareness to the beautiful Mission Reach Ecosystem Restoration and Recreation Project on the San Antonio River. This 8-mile linear park has over 16 miles of trail along the river for pedestrians and bicyclists to enjoy, plus a paddling trail for canoeing and kayaking. Located on San Antonio’s Southside, the Mission Reach encourages health, wellness, and environmental stewardship.

Kayaking The River

10:00 am-1:30 pm

If you’re not an expert, it’s not a problem! Our section of the San Antonio River is calm and great for beginning paddlers. Mission Kayak will provide all the kayaking equipment needed for the event. We ask that an adult accompany children under 18, and all participants make a reservation to paddle the river.

The reservation enables us to maintain social distancing while attendees are checking in and getting on to the river. The reservation also allows us to adequately sanitize the kayaks so all participants can have a safe and enjoyable experience.

With the high level of interest for this year’s Mission Reach Flotilla Fiesta.  We regretfully have to announce that we have filled all of our reservations for this year’s event.  Please continue to follow the San Antonio River Foundation and our partner, the San Antonio River Authority for more FREE opportunities to kayak the San Antonio River.

Fiesta Medals

You can’t have Fiesta without Fiesta Medals! Purchase your 2020 & 2021 San Antonio River Foundation Fiesta Medals today.

The River Monarchs

The San Antonio River Foundation and San Antonio River Authority are delighted to introduce you to the Mission Reach Flotilla Fiesta River Monarchs Arthur and Richard Garcia of Nicha’s Comida Mexicana.

Arthur Garcia was born and raised on the Southside of San Antonio. He graduated from McCollum High School in 1985 and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Texas at San Antonio in 1991.

Arthur grew up working in the restaurant when it was called Minit Taco. After a few years of pursuing other career paths following college, he finally made it back to the family business in 2001. Arthur and Richard bought the original location from their parents in 2003. With the great start their parents created, the brothers have steadily grown the business from one 90 seat restaurant to three locations throughout San Antonio.

Arthur is the President of Nicha’s Comida Mexicana and is a board member and a past president of the San Antonio Restaurant Association. He was awarded Restaurateur of the year in 2017. Arthur also sits on the board of the Texas Restaurant Association.

Arthur and his wife Felicia have three beautiful daughters Amber, Ashley, and Alyssa. Amber will be attending college this year at Texas State University. When asked about his connection to the River and his hometown, Arthur stated, “Being on the water is an escape for me and the San Antonio River is a beautiful part of our history. Walking down the River with my family or even taking time to see the beauty this River has to offer is very special for me. Our River is a great part of my life, and it’s something I cherish. I am very proud to call San Antonio my home.”

Richard Colton Garcia was born and raised on the Southside of San Antonio. He graduated from McCollum High school in 1982 and is a member of the Harlandale School District Hall of Fame.

Richard has worked at the original location of Nicha’s since 1983 and currently oversees all restaurant operations, and is a member of the South San Antonio Chamber of Commerce.

Upon reflecting on his relationship with the San Antonio River, he states, “For me, the best thing was the development of the Mission Reach and its expansion to Mission Espada. Since then, I’ve become an avid cyclist. I like to start at Blue Star and ride my bike all the way down to Mission Espada. One can stay on the bike path or take side trails off-road off the road for a fun ride. I’ve even gone kayaking to change things up a bit, and I learned a valuable lesson always keep your wallet in a dry container. I learned the hard way! When I’m on the trail, I enjoy seeing families spending time together near the park, couples jogging together, individuals walking with their dogs. It’s so great to see so many people taking advantage of this beautiful trail. For me, The river is simply a great place to wind down, relax and be at peace with myself.”

We are proud to be a part of this year’s Mission Reach Flotilla Fiesta and serve as your 2021 River Monarchs!

Arthur & Richard Garcia

Venue and Parking

Mission County Park Trail Head, 841 VFW Blvd, San Antonio, TX 78214. Parking is available across the street at  Mission County Park.


The Mission Reach Flotilla Fiesta is endorsed by the Mayor’s Fitness Council. The Mayor’s Fitness Council (MFC) is a community-wide collaborative working to increase healthy behaviors and reduce obesity in the residents of San Antonio.

The Mission Reach is an 8-mile linear park that has over 16 miles of trail along the river for pedestrians and bicyclists to enjoy, plus a paddling trail for canoeing and kayaking. Located on San Antonio’s Southside, the Mission Reach                                                                               encourages health, wellness, and environmental stewardship.

We are excited that the Mission Reach Flotilla fiesta is a certified Verde event! You can do your park to make this year’s Mission Reach Flotilla Fiesta green by taking alternate transportation. Instead of your car, you can take the bus, ride a bike, or walk to the event. If you need to bring a vehicle, it’s a great idea to carpool or rideshare!

Recycling another way each of us can do our part to be better stewards of the environment as long as we are careful not to contaminate our efforts. Contamination occurs in recycling when non-recyclables are placed in recycling. Contamination can include anything from food waste to plastic bags.

When a certain percent of a batch of recycling is contaminated, the whole batch of recycling is considered unusable and thrown away. Therefore contamination can undermine the good recycling habits of others and cause recyclable items to end up in landfills.

Thank you for your helping us make this year’s Mission Reach Flotilla Fiesta the greenest event yet!


Thank you for considering a Mission Reach Flotilla Fiesta sponsorship! We are offering many sponsorship levels, each with numerous benefits. For questions, please contact Albert S. Carmona at 210.224.2694 or Albert@SARiverfound.org.

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