Mission County Park

Saturday, April 20, 2019

11am – 5pm

At the FREE 4th Annual Mission Reach Flotilla Fiesta, you can expect fabulous live music, delicious food and beer, exclusive medal sales, a craft mercado and, best of all, opportunities to play on the River! You can…

  1. Watch the water parade where kayakers are their own parade float
  2. Float around in the Boating for Beginners area (no registration required)
  3. Paddle through the River Slalom Challenge (no registration required)

Enjoying the River is for beginners and experts alike. You can bring your own watercraft or event sponsor Mission Adventure Tours can provide one for you for FREE (limited quantity).

This Official Fiesta Event, presented by the San Antonio River Foundation and San Antonio River Authority, will show you and your family a watery new world in which to shout VIVA!

Water Parade

11am – 12pm

One of the best parts of Mission Reach Flotilla Fiesta is the flotilla water parade and costume contest itself! By dressing up for the 80s themed costume contest, YOU become the parade float and have a chance at cash prizes. There are three options to enter the parade. Everyone is welcome and no experience is necessary.

Option 1: Dress Up Yourself (category in costume contest)
Option 2: Dress Up You and Your Pet (category in costume contest)
Option 3: Paddle Only (not part of costume contest)

REGISTRATION IS CLOSED. For questions, please contact Kim Garcia at 210.302.3200 or kgarcia@sara-tx.org.

Kayaking Activities

1pm – 4pm

If you’re not an expert, it’s not a problem! The Boating for Beginners area is in a calm section of River under the VFW Blvd bridge. At 1pm, after the costume contest award ceremony, visit the River Authority at their booth by the beer pavilion. They will direct you to the location where you can borrow a kayak (free) and receive basic kayaking instruction.

Just south of the Boating for Beginners area is a slalom challenge where you can have fun dodging buoys! Visit the River Authority at their booth by the beer pavilion. They will direct you to the location where you can borrow a kayak (free) and receive basic kayaking instruction.

All kayakers must be 12 years of age or older. Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult. A limited number of kayaks are provided for FREE by event sponsor Mission Adventure Tours. Both kayaking activities are walk-up, no registration is required.

The River Monarchs

John_Treva_ChadwellThe San Antonio River Foundation and San Antonio River Authority are delighted to introduce you to the 4th Annual Mission Reach Flotilla Fiesta’s Royalty: The River Monarchs John and Treva Chadwell.

John and Treva Chadwell love water. Treva was born in Corpus Christi, TX, but grew up along the San Antonio River and has many fond memories of that time. John was born in San Antonio and took his first steps along the Frio River in Leakey, TX. He even swam as a merman at Aquarena Springs in San Marcos, TX where Treva sold tickets to the show! Treva, a recently named H-E-B Woman of Distinction, is a teaching chef at Central Market. John helps food-making entrepreneurs start their business and works with Corazon Ministries providing meals and house to insecure people in San Antonio.

John and Treva tremendously enjoy the San Antonio River and its improvements. On weekends, you may find them cycling along the Mission Reach on their tandem bicycle, strolling along the Museum Reach or having a picnic near one of the dams just to hear the babbling of running water.

The San Antonio River is restorative to the River Monarchs and they are excited to rein over Flotilla Fiesta where YOU can find meaning in the River too.

Venue and Parking

Mission County Park Pavilions, 6030 Padre Dr, San Antonio, TX 78214. Parking is available in grassy lots on site.

Fiesta Verde

You can do your part to make Flotilla Fiesta green by taking alternate transportation. Instead of your car, you can take the bus, ride a bike, or walk to the event. If you need to bring a vehicle, it’s a great idea to carpool!

Recycling is a way each of us can do our part to be better stewards of the environment as long as we are careful not to contaminate our efforts. Contamination occurs in recycling when non-recycables are placed in recycling. Contamination can include anything from food waste to plastic bags.

When a certain percent of a batch of recycling is contaminated, the whole batch of recycling is considered unusable and thrown away. Therefore contamination can undermine the good recycling habits of others and cause easily recyclable items to end up in land fills.

Click HERE to find out more about how you can stop recycling contamination. 



Thank you for considering a Mission Reach Flotilla Fiesta sponsorship! We are offering many sponsorship levels, each with numerous benefits. For questions, please contact Kelley Phillips at 210.224.2694 or Kelley@SARiverfound.org.

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