Art In the Open
Art In the Open is a San Antonio River Foundation initiative and program to support artists and engage the San Antonio River community and our visitors with contemporary art experiences.
Artists are invited through an open call process to present projects at Confluence Park that align with San Antonio River Foundation’s mission to enhance the river as a vibrant cultural experience and promote and encourage the conservation, stewardship, and enjoyment of the San Antonio River Basin.

Art In the Open is supported in part by the San Antonio Area Foundation and the Russell Hill Rogers Fund for the Arts.

June 27-July 26, 2024

Kara Salinas, Tentsallation at Confluence Park

Tentsallation is a sculpture designed to resemble sails that can be linked across any site. Each piece is a colorful triangular prism constructed to connect in various formations, integrating seamlessly with its surroundings. This work celebrates place by playfully interacting with the natural ecology and built structures. This summer, Tentsallation will be installed at Confluence Park, sailing beneath the petals of the BHP Pavilion. 

Tentsallation at Confluence Park is supported in part by the San Antonio Area Foundation.

As a San Antonio native, artist, and educator with a rich background in digital art, design, and architectural construction, Kara Salinas’ work is deeply rooted in the exploration of materials as a means for storytelling and expressing the human experience. Her installations are intricately connected to place-making, transforming spaces into narratives that invite public interaction. Through her art, she aims to create playful expressions that engage people of all ages, using materiality to weave stories that resonate with and enrich the community. 

May 4 – 31, 2024

Audrya Flores, Play and Decay at the Confluence

Using locally sourced flora, artist Audrya Flores collaborated with workshop participants to create an organic assemblage depicting a giant flower-serpent. During late spring, when plant life is lush and temperatures are beginning to rise, this creature playfully coils in full bloom on a hillside near the San Antonio River in Confluence Park. Over time, with the help of the elements and local fauna, the installation decays, disassembles, and reintegrates itself back into the landscape of the park. This work celebrates cycles and the precious, fleeting nature of life.

Play and Decay at the Confluence is supported in part by the San Antonio Area Foundation.

Audrya Flores is a Tejana artist and mother who repurposes textiles and organic materials for her mixed media works. Through storytelling and myth-making, she explores trauma, healing, and identity. Her work is influenced by all things natural and supernatural as well as her roots in the border town of Brownsville, Texas. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Education from the University of Texas at San Antonio. She has exhibited at Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, Mexic-Arte Museum, Lady Base Gallery, Provenance Gallery, Luminaria Contemporary Arts Festival, Centro de Artes, Culture Commons Gallery, Central Library Gallery at San Antonio Public Library, Contemporary at Blue Star, and Sala Diaz. Flores lives and works in San Antonio, Texas.

For more information about Audrya Flores and her artwork, visit

April 27, 2024

Infrarrealista Review, Viva La Confluencia

Infrarrealista Review seeks to take back the most powerful tool found in all humans — genuine expression, to debunk the biases barricading the arts, and to bring back popular culture; to provide a new entry to art powered by providing a space for poetry readings, gallery receptions, educational workshops; to elevate Central-Texan artists who don’t have a platform, and to activate people’s appreciation for expression; to publish local writers, cultivate a local culture that connects local political issues with the arts to eventually create a sustainable cultural economy. Expression lives everywhere.

Infrarrealista Review will host Viva La Confluencia at Confluence Park featuring an ecopoetics workshop with Connor Nielson (Austin, TX), readings by workshop attendees and regional poets including Jacinto Cardona, Dee Lalo Garcia, Connor Nielsen, and Camille Sauers, and a special performance by Poshlust.

Viva La Confluencia is supported in part by the San Antonio Area Foundation.

Infrarrealista Review is a Central Texas literary nonprofit that publishes creative work by Texans and prioritizes art that pushes against the borders of highbrow and lowbrow.

For more information, visit

March 9, 2024

Antonio Martinez, Sonic Transmission

March 2024 Sonic Transmission featured sound artists and musicians Bill Converse (Austin, TX), Kelby Clark (Nashville, TN), Hal Lambert & Mitchell Mobley (Baton Rouge, LA), Patina Lush (Austin, TX), Fabian Moss (San Antonio), John Hernandez & Wizard Skin (San Antonio), and visual artists Forum Sound and Om.i.god (San Antonio).

Sonic Transmission performances are made possible in part by a generous grant from the Russell Hill Rogers Fund for the Arts.

Sonic Transmission is an immersive sonic exploration through experimental sound, music, and visual art curated by San Antonio-based artist Antonio Martinez.

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