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Confluence Park Pavilion with Sign

Rainwater Catchment and Embayment

A site-wide water catchment system which collects all of the rainwater that falls on the site and feeds the water into an underground cistern measuring 12,600 cubic feet or approximately 100,000 gallons. An additional 100,000 gallons is estimated to be held temporarily in the biofiltration embayment over the catchment system tank. The estimated rainwater collection is 286,000 gallons per year utilizing our on-site Atlantis Chamber system.

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Since 2003, our Foundation has privately raised and reinvested over $43 million dollars in enhancing your San Antonio River experience. Our project partners —the San Antonio River Authority, Bexar County, the City of San Antonio, and the US Army Corps of Engineers — have invested over $789 million in river improvements for our community. Together, our investments have added over $3.6 billion in economic impact through adjacent private investment and development.